A Letter to my Future Husband

To my Future Husband,

In just a short amount of time more, I will be your lawfully wedded wife. These words couldn’t make me more happy to be able to place upon paper for you. I wanted to take this time to tell you that I am the luckiest woman in the world. I have waited for 32 years to find the right man and say the words “I do” at the end of the isle. I was so blessed the day that we met at the bar while all of our friends were enjoying some kereoke and You and I were exchanging glances here or there. I had spent so much time trying to find Mr Right when all I had to do was stop looking and allow You to come to me just as You had that night.

From that point forward You and I have been completely inseparable like the Doctor and his Companions. Not even the Dalek’s stand a chance to try and EXTERMINATE this union. There is nothing in this world that would be able to keep us apart and that is something that I can stand strong knowing. We have already been through thick and thin and it has only caused us to grow stronger together as a couple. I know that there is nothing out in this strange world that could ever drive us away from one another. Not even drama on April Fools Days. In fact, I say… bring on the drama! It ain’t got nothin’ on us cause we will keep flying high.

Enough of the nerdy funisms though, I want to tell you, Michael “Bob” Ryan Carpenter, that you are truly the man for me and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I thank the stars that I met you, because you truly are the man of my life. You are my light when things become dark. Every little girl dreams of the perfect wedding, the perfect dress, that magical day that they will become someone’s perfect wife and I am just so excited to say that I have found my perfect Husband. A part of me wants to simply run away with you right now, forget the wedding tomorrow just make it known that I am Yours and that we will be together till death do us part.

Tomorrow when everyone is looking at me because you gotta admit that at a wedding the bride tends to be the center of attention at least during the event itself. I just want You to know that tomorrow when everyone is looking at me and admiring how happy and beautiful I look, I will ONLY be looking at You and admiring how Handsome and Wonderful You are. I can’t wait till the moment You slide that ring on my finger and we get to say the words “I do.” to one another. In just a handful of hours I will be standing in front of You promising to Honor and Obey You, to Love You and be Your ever loving wife. This is not an easy thing to promise to someone but for some reason knowing that it is You that I am making this promise to makes it the easiest thing in the world.

To think that when we met neither of us wanted marriage or children and now I want nothing more than to be called Mrs. Kimberly Danielle Carpenter, and to watch as our lives flourish with one another. I cannot wait to live this life with you as long as we both shall live. To watch as we have children and they grow to show Your goofy smile and my emotional eyes. All I know is that I truly have struck it rich when it comes to marrying You. Not for the amount of wealth or anything along those lines but for the true beauty and richness of OUR relationship which I know will be strong like an eternal lasting flame.

I love You more than anything, and I couldn’t be happier at this moment. I know that right now I have butterflies in my stomach and my mind is reeling out of control with just how amazing and absolutely crazy all of this really is. I love You, my soon to be Husband, the love of my Life. Please do me one favor and forever remember these words. You are my Life, You are my World, You are my Everything and tomorrow, You shall be my Husband and I shall be Your Wife… Yours for the entirety of the world to see. Tomorrow, we shall become truly Facebook Official.

With True Sincere Love,
Your bbygrrl, Your Kimberly, Your future Wife.

Weddings are Hectic

Alright so I know I haven’t written in a bit and for that I feel truly shamed in myself. Bad blogger bad! Well as some may know from having read my other posts I am getting married on May 4th and well that is right around the corner. Life has been hectic. My future Husband and I are living on four hour naps here and there whenever we can squeeze one in. I have decided to take time to write here so that it’s a little more easily known. 

It astounds me just how crazy and hectic it is trying to get a wedding planned, get everything taken care of and be fully prepared come the day of the wedding. Oh and the stress and lack of sleep! There is absolutely NO sanity when it comes to marriage. All I know is that we simply cannot wait till this is over and who knows maybe we will be able to get some actual sleep when this is all said and done. In 47 hours I will be saying “I Do” along with some pretty geeky words. We are after all having a Star Wars wedding even if we couldn’t go all out with the proper cosplay. 

Anyways, have no fear! Soon I shall be writing again, and soon the geekery shall continue! Till then, have a great week and May the Fourth.. erm I mean Force be with You!

Silly emotional self

So today I spent some time working on the letter that I will be giving my soon to be Husband, the Man of my life, the One that I am going to marry in such a short amount of time. I cannot share with you all these words for He reads my blogging but I will definitely share these words after He has had a chance to write them. Anyway, something happened to me while I was both writing these words and then even more so when I was reading them aloud when I was done to make sure that it sounded good so that I could fix any errors that simply didn’t roll off the tongue well. I started crying, and crying hard too. This wasn’t just a few tiny tears streaking down my cheeks, nope this was some serious water works! A dear friend of mine told me that it simply means that I am in Love… and well, I bet that is a HUGE chunk of it. I know the tears were all of joy and delight and happiness… I am so excited about my future day and I can’t wait to share my words with you all to let you see why I made myself cry. Till then! Save the date, I will be posting this letter on my wedding date, May 4th, 2013 so that all of you can read it.

Good little House Slave

When we first moved into our new place I really was doing a great job at keeping the house nice and clean and making sure that there was a hot meal on the table ready for when He returned home. After a bit of time I got sick followed by injured and it kept me from doing much around the house. Now I feel that the house is just so way not where it needs to be and I have already begun the rework of spring cleaning to get everything back the way it is supposed to be. 

Today I am hopping in the shower and then working on creating victory rolls in my hair and getting dressed cute and getting as much of the house cleaned as I can while He is busy at work. I want to make Him proud with everything that I do and I know Hes great and has been very supportive through my not feeling so well but I have decided that I truly am going to start working on getting things pieced together properly the way that they should be. I want Him to come home and be in awe of how good the place looks… that is what I want, that is what I will have.. that is what He will enjoy.

Not everyone knows the lifestyle that I life in fact not many people at all do. We haven’t really had too much time to step out and go to social events but once the wedding planning is done I am pretty certain that we will start having plenty of time. I love Him, and I know that He appreciates anything that I can get taken care of but today is another day added unto my trying my best to get everything done. He helped me a little over His weekend so now it’s time to show my appreciation for Him by getting a bunch taken care of here at home.

Ding dong the… oh wait, wrong song.

Getting married, oh my goodness. It really isn’t an easy thing to prep and plan for a wedding. I am to be married on May 4th, 2013… yes, May the Fourth be With You… that’s right! At first we had a great wedding planned but then due to our beloved dog who has kept me home from working so is basically like a child that I need to take care of. Then our money wasn’t as good as it was before when we were both working. If we do the math this dog is a 3k a month dog. So we were just going to do a simple cheap thing at a chapel or something like that when suddenly his mom let us know a month before the wedding that she would be willing to help us with some money. Yay! So awesome of her. Thank’s Bob’s mum! You’re awesome!

So then this month has been crazy so far and its only beginning. Trying to squeeze everything into the wedding is just crazy. And I mean really crazy! I honestly at some points have felt like I was going to simply implode from all the crazy that this has been. However, the wedding planning is coming along just swell and I am super excited. I will be going and getting my hair dyed soon, and then retouched before the wedding. I will be posting images as soon as it is done. I also found the best Lolita dress I could and with such ease and its mine all mine rather than the rental of a dress that I would have to return.

My advice to anyone who may be even considering saving the wedding planning for the last minute… don’t! It’s crazy! Try to make sure you have at LEAST six months to plan the wedding.

How do they stay up like that?

With this most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory it is easy to see why this show is one of CBS’s biggest money makers. With an eccentric cast of characters that simply find their way to warm your heart while still making you laugh. Last nights episode was no different! The Tenure Turbulence, directed by Mark Cendrowski, had a great way of showing what the chase of Tenure can feel like in the eyes of Education. This sixth season of The Big Bang Theory has been both brilliant and masterful. As an avid fan and a fellow geek slash nerd I must say that this season truly has some unbelievably memorable episodes.

The Tenure Turbulence

*Spoilers Below*

To begin with this episode starts with the death of a dear not too well known colleague of the gangs at Caltech. When Kripke and his “hiwarwius wisp” approached the four at their usual table to inform them of this new news. On top of this was the addition of the possibility of obtaining the new Tenure spot. Throughout the episode the gang vows not to compete for the Tenure and end up playing a little “game of thrones” in their attempts to attract the attention of the comity. It was especially enjoyable to watch as even the ladies had to throw in their “goods” in order to help their men obtain such a prestigious place within the University.

The Tenure Turbulence

A New Journey: Bzzing and Blogging

Today I start upon a new adventure. I recently was working Customer Service when my soon to be Hubby and I moved into our own place with our new dog that we took into our lives. We were both working Customer Service for a very popular video streaming company. Our beloved dog was a rescue dog who we rescued from the streets and well, she is both deaf and deals with anxiety so with the new home and us both working it was a bit difficult for her so it was lose our place or quit my job. 

So here I am, my name is Kimberly but I go by Geenky in many places both online and in other communities. I am a 32 year old woman getting married on May 4th 2013, which is just around the corner! Huzzah! I am a house wife, future mother and pet lover, embarking on a new journey which is the blogging community. I have just joined BzzAgent to help give me some ideas on what to blog about when I am feeling a little lost on what to post. 

Helllloooooo Bloooogging Nurse!